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Rooted in God’s life and love, we, the Faith and Justice Commission, come together to...

...be active in promoting JUSTICE, LOVE AND PEACE.
...identify the tensions experienced by people as they live their faith.
...support, nurture and celebrate each other.

In all our work, we attempt to use the methodology of the 'pastoral cycle', a prophetic, Christian way of examining the world and acting to change it.

This is what Yahweh asks of you: to act justly, love tenderly & walk humbly with your God” Micah 6:8



To download the F&J June 2019 e-bulletin, and the NW NJPN June Bulletin and CTinCumbria newsletter

Politicians will only increase their ambitions for action on the climate crisis if they see we care.  They will act if their constituents tell them that they want change. Join CAFOD at Parliament in Westminster on 26th June ask your MP to support ambitious climate action in line with the Paris Agreement of 2015.

 Don't worry if you are not an expert, CAFOD and the Climate Coalition will produce a briefing for your conversation with your MP. Together we will create a noise outside Parliament that can’t be ignored.

 Climate Coalition Lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 26th June 2019

https://cafod.org.uk/Campaign/Climate/Climate-lobby                                                       www.theclimatecoalition.org/thetimeisnow   


 The Bishops of England and Wales have launched the film and course “Global Healing”  available at www.ourcommonhome.co.uk  to help individuals, families, parishes and diocese make a practical response to our care of creation.  The course explores ways we can help protect our planet, Global Healing is a response to Laudato Si ‘ and is also drawn from the work of CAFOD and its experience and understanding of Climate Change in the Global South where the damage is greatest among the poorest people of our planet who have done least to cause it. 

For more information see: www.ourcommonhome.co.uk