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ALASTAIR McINTOSH audio & text

ALASTAIR McINTOSH is an Isle of Lewis-raised writer, broadcaster and campaigning academic best known for his work on land reform on Eigg, in helping to stop the Harris superquarry; also for developing human ecology as an applied academic discipline in Scotland. Based in Glasgow, he specialises in the fullness of community, understanding this to be a triune dynamic of ‘soil, soul and society’, of which food is a part. A prolific writer, he contributes regularly to BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Thought for the Day’. Books include Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition and Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power. www.AlastairMcIntosh.com

- Text of Alastair McIntosh's talk 
- Audio File of Alatair McIntosh's Talk